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charpai manji bed Manjaa

charpai manji asian bed Single Bed Wooden Frame woven bed eastren bed Manjaa


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Orignal cotten woven charpai with  
Bring your Back Home Here.  (For hand made natural cotton mattress and pillow see our other items)

CharpaiCharpaya or Charpoy (چارپائی)  A traditional woven bed in Subcontinent.It is also called a Manjaa or Manji Khatt,Khaatt or Khattra. It consists of a wooden frame bordering a set of knotted ropes. Traditionally the user would lie directly on top of the ropes without an intervening mattress. Its making begins with the tying of a jee (Life knot) at one corner of the bed.In Dera Ghazi Khan, the big Charpai is also called a hamacha. This city has the world largest charpai. Item is in stock for immediate delivery.  Approximate Size: 6.2 Ft  x  3.3 Ft.