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Wall Picture Hanging Systems

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Wall Picture Hanging Systems

Aluminium Picture hanging rail, easy to mount, Discreit with no visible fitting. End caps neatly close off the rails,...



  • Clip- Rail Picture Hanging System

    Picture hanging rail with no visible screws or fittings. Most discreet hanging system. Rails Made with solid aluminium.Weight load 15 KG per meter. Profile size Profile Size 25 X 8.5 MM.

  • Clip Rail Pro Extra Heavy Duty

    Clip Rail Pro also called Clip Rail Extra Heavy Duty. Made with thick aluminium can take up to 40 KG per meter if you are using 2 steel cables per picture. This the only heaviduty system with no visible fittings. Profile 28 X11 MM.

  • Clip-rail Smart Mini Rail

    Small But Heavy Duty Very populer system. Rails are made with heavy gage aluminium. Easey to install and discrete with no visible screws. Profile Size is 17X7 MM.

  • Clip-Rail Max Heavy Duty

    With Cliprail Max system, your ceiling, wall and hanging system smoothly unite With No Gap at All. Top Slot of rail can be uses to hide wire cables 

  • Stas Mini Clip Rail

    Stas mini rail Heavy duty thin rail made with very thick Aluminium. Discrete and less noticeable as compare to the all picture hanging systems avaulable in the mareket. Weight capacity 25 KG per meter. Profile Size 16 X 7 MM

  • J Rail Heavy Duty System

    J-rail Heavy Duty Load Capacity 40KG per meter Profile Size Profile Size 19 X7 X 9 MM

  • STAS J-Rail Max Heavy Duty

    J-Rail Heavy Duty Load capacity 100 kg/ m¹

  • Plaster-Rail System

    Completly invisble rail you burry the whole rail under the plaster on front slot like a thin line would be visible. You can add and remove the hook at any point of rail to suspend the cables for hanging picture. 14mm meter thick plaster layer would be required to bury the rail. Profile 41X12 mm

  • Moulding Wood Picture Rail

    Picture Moulding Wood Dado & Picture Rails. Traditional  Moulding Picture Rail wooden timber. Picture Rail decorative trim moulding beading wooden timber. Profile Size is 41X 18 MM

  • Moulding Deco Rail

    Moulding Decor Rail attaches to the wall and the moulding can be mounted on the picture rail with mounting sealant. Decor-rail is a basic picture hanging system which can be almost completely hidden, using a cornice or a moulding.

  • Paper-Rail / Info Rail

    Ideal for student work hanging. With this you can also hang Papers, drawings, memos and photos easily stay in the rail due to the gravity of the marbles in the rail. Endless applications, In offices, working environments, in the catering business or at home.

  • Display supplies London

    We provide the biggest stockist of display supplies in London UK. You can find various ways to hand your pictures.

  • Sliding Picture Rail

    Sliding picture display on rail enables hanged images to slide. ideal for schools, colleges universities busy business environments and art galleries. Rails Come in 1/2 or 3M length and in the back, silver, white or walnut colour. For custom made lengths, adjustments, colours or any other questions please give us a call.

  • Rug Hanging

    We provide all types of systems to hang rug carpet tapestry in Art exhibitions Textile Museums, houses shops, galleries from walls, ceiling, expo screens etc