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Glass Shelves

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Glass Shelves

Floating Shelves available with different colour brackets and coloured glass.Discrete strong Aluminium bracket. You c...



  • Coloured Glass Shelves

    Strong shelves with toughened glass can hold up to 20kg per meter. Suitable for commercial and home use. shelves made for 6MM or 8MM glass. Shelves designed for all surface use with almost invisible aluminium bracket.

  • Cable Display Shelves

    KIts ready to use. Choose your own design by selecting the parts you personally required. For one column unit, you need 4 ceiling to floor fixings and 4 shelf supports per shelf. adding/removing shelves are possible and easy to change with this type of kit. 


  • Floating Glass Shelves

    Elegant pruduct for heavy duty use. Can hold up to 20KG per meter ideal choice for comercial and home use. shelves come with almost invisiblee  bracket for more profesional look. Shelves designed for all surface use from Plaster board to brick wall. Brackets can hold 6MM, 8MM, 10MM thick glass, For more elegant look recomended 6MM glass.

  • Lighting Glass shelves

    Lighting Glass shelves with aluminium bracket can hold up to 20KG per meter or 50KG with side support cables. ideal choice for comercial and home use. shelves come with almost invisible  bracket for more profesional look. Shelves designed for all surface use from Plaster board to brick wall. Kit includes selected colour glass, bracket,  4 meter cable with LED strip(LED strip will be same lenght as bracket) which you insert in the bracket .

  • Bar Shelves

    Bar Shelves with toughened glass and aluminium bracket ensures maximum strength. Shelf can support up to 20KG per meter if wall is strong or 50KG with cable supports. For costum colours, lenghts or coloured class please call.

  • Book Glass Shelves

    Simple but beautiful shelf design made for storing books or other heavy objects on top.

  • Office Glass Shelves

    Heavy duty office glass shelves ready to use

  • Suspended Glass Shelves

    Heavu duty Suspended shelves ideal for heavy weight. Shelves can hold 40KG per meter if wall is strong. Works with all type of wall. With these products we provide two 2 meter long cables for each side of the cable. Cable can be cut to selected size at any time.

  • Glass Shelf brackets

    High quality aluminium brackets in various sizes and colours. Ideal for comercial and home use. brackets hardly visible for profesional look. for costum lenghts, colours please give us a call.


  • Electronics Glass Shelves

    Elegant design shelves with almoust invisible bracket ideal for home use. comes with toughened glassm polished around glass with capacity ti hikd up to 20KG per meter. glass shelve have split bracket so you can put the cables through that no lose wires would be laying arround.  we provide costoms sizes and colours upon requist.

  • Fireplace Glass Shelves

    Simple beutiful design to put all beutiful decorations, images book etc. avalable in various colours and sizes can hold 10KG per meter or 15kg from longer than 100cm shelves. can increase vastly weight by 20kg using side cable supports .

  • Temporary Glass Shelves

    Temporary glass shelves for art galleries and office environment. Kits lets you add or remove shelves at any time without need of screwing or unscrewing shelves. With these kits, you just need to clip it on the clip rail, or any panel using screen hooks. Glass Shelves can be hanged one above other if needed. Glass Shelves support up to 20KG