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Ceiling Picture Hanging Systems

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Ceiling Picture Hanging Systems

Ceiling Mounted picture Hanging System With Heavy Duty aluminium rails for all type of ceiling. We have Picture Hangi...



  • U Rail Ceiling System

    Its tiny rail ideal for suspended ceilings. If you screw in to wood then load capacity would be 15 KG per meter. Like our all systems you can add and remove the cables from any point. FOR CUSTOM COLOUR RAILS PLEASE CALL.   Profile size is 14 X 6 MM .

  • P-Rail Heavy Duty

    The highly effective, thick-walled aluminium profile is capable of supporting loads of up to no less than 100 kg per linear meter Ceiling Mounted Heavy Duty Aluminium Rail with No visible screws.P-rail system is used mainly for professional applications.

  • C-Rail

    Heavy Duty Ceiling Mounted System work with any type of ceiling. With this system you can use clear cables, steel cables. With this system you can hang small medium and large picture. Weight capacity 40 KG per meter. Rail Profile 20 x 19 x 8 mm

  • U Rail Stas

    The STAS u-rail has been purpose-designed to turn the suspended ceiling into a flexible hanging system in a matter of minutes. The rail is available in the same colour as the wooden tile support strip and attaches almost completely invisibly to the ceiling tile support strips. In rooms where a suspended ceiling has been installed, the STAS u-rail is not only the perfect hanging solution for works of art, it can also be used to hang notice boards and whiteboards.

  • Sliding Picture Rail

    Sliding picture rail allows photos glide along the rail to wanted position. Rail comes in 1M/2M or 3M in white, silver, black, walnut colour. perfect selection for schools, colleges, universities, real estate and art galleries.

  • High Ceiling Picture Hanging Systems

    High Ceiling Picture Hanging Systems are designed for the situations where ceilings are very high & cannot be reached to ceiling with normal ladders. These kits mostly suitable for large retail stores like ASDA, Tesco, Lidl, B&Q etc. these kits come in 2 or 3-meter length so you can suspend the cable from ceiling to the reachable height with a ladder.