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Zipper Hook Picture Hanging

  • STAS Zipper hook designed to hang 20 KG picture with 2 steel cables 2MM thick or 2 Perlon cords (Nylon clear cable 2MM thick). Next-day delivery available, Price: £2.99/-

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£ 2.99

  • The zipper hook can carry weight up to 15kg with perlon nylon clear cord or 20kg  when use with 2mm thick steel wire rope cable.
  • Easy to use just push the side lever and insert cable when you release the side lever hook would be automatically lock on the cable.
  • To move the picture up or down you need to push the side lever again.
  • Flat back makes the hook more stable against the wall. Vastly used in London UK art galleries.
  • You can use the following hooks and cables combinations with this Zipper picture hanging hook.
  • Use one perlon ( Nylon clear cable ) or steel wire rope cable in the middle of the picture with 1 Zipper hook to hang up to 5 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet.
  • Use 2 perlon (Nylon clear cable or steel wire rope cable) one left one right of the picture with Zipper hooks to hang up to 20 kg Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size
  • Size of zipper hook is 30MM height x 33MM Width