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Self-Adhesive Wooden Chalkboard Frame

  • A Self-Adhesive Wooden Chalkboard frame is a blackboard without any printed content, designed specifically for utilization in various establishments such as restaurants, shops, and cafes. This versatile product is offered in three different sizes, A1, A2, and A3. Next-day delivery is available. Price from £19.99/-

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  • The wooden-framed chalkboard is a non-printed blackboard that is well-suited for use in various establishments such as shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • This frame was installed without the use of any tools, as it can be easily pasted directly onto plain surfaces instead of using nails and screws.
  • Additionally, the sticky tapes can be peeled off and affixed onto a wall or any other plain surface.
  • This chalkboard is an excellent choice for creating a chalkboard menu and is made of superior quality, featuring a natural woodgrain frame.
  • The self-adhesive wooden frame is suitable for glass, steel, plastic, and any other type of surface.
  • It serves as an ideal solution for showcasing a restaurant menu in a dining area or serving as an information board.
  • It is compatible with both modern liquid-chalk pens and traditional chalk sticks.
  • It is available in A1, A2, and A3 sizes.
  • Frame color is natural woodgrain.

Frame size:

  • (A1) : 59x84cm
  • (A2) : 40x60cm 
  • (A3) : 30x42cm